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Mecanum chassis for outdoors

Hi folks

Wasn't sure if this, or "tips and tricks" would be the best place.

I'm designing a 1 person rideable robot for Burning man. It's a 3 foot cube, modeled after the Weighted Companion Cube.

I'm currently using a wheelchair base, which is at least sealed from dust, but it's a bit slow. I'd prefer 5-8MPH max, only one person, about 300-350 pounds load (including the plywood structure and 15 meters of 144/m LED's)

I'd like to switch to a 4 or 6 wheel Mecanum base.

I noticed that the Rhino has an outdoor version, which made me wonder about the standard AM14U5 chassis.

How impervious to fine dust would the AM14U5 be? I'd have to be careful with motors. They would be driving for 30 minutes at a time (to cross the Playa).

Any ideas?

== John ==

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