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Performance Wheel XL Tread on Smooth Outdoor Surface

The new Performance Wheel line looks great.  I especially appreciate the lack of any cutouts on the rim surface, and availability of raw extrusion.

My application is to drive against the inner rim surface of powder coated aluminum trailer wheels.  I'm seeking input on the best 1.5" tread to run.  It must:

  1. maintain majority of traction when wet (random blades of grass)
  2. avoid holding onto sand which would abrade the rim
  3. survive walking speed high loads(3 cim/wheel x2, 800lb trailer, 20% grade) without delamination (pebble top)
  4. briefly withstand then predictably fail (slip and wear, hopefully reducing friction) in case trailer towed without disengaging drive wheel
  5. anything important which I haven't thought of yet
I think the best candidate so far is leather belting as it has a proven record in agriculture with steam tractors.  But it has adoption problems in countries like India.  Would like some alternatives and/or collaborators.

The idea is to visually track a colored ball in hand, a jacket patch, or follow thumbstick commands.  Navigate on grass for yard work like picking up and transporting fallen branches, or stones.  Drive wheels are moved away from trailer wheels by turnbuckle adjuster or toggle link, allowing the trailer to still be towed at highway speed.

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Hello Dustin

Thank you for reaching out to us. Your requirements sounds like you might have good luck with our Wedgetop tread. Unfortunately at this time if is only available in 1 in. wide strips. 

If this does not work out for you you may have more luck looking here 
They offer a wider selection of materials that might work better for you but they will all have to be cut to size. 
Unfortunately your requirements are rather unique and will likely requires some trial and error with different materials.  

Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you, and good luck! 
Thank you,

Nathan Massouda
Mechanical Engineer
AndyMark Inc.
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