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Neverest60 motor Jm moment of inertia

I need some information about Neverest60 motor, (Jm moment of inertia of motor ) ?

I apologize but we do not have the moment of inertia of the gearmotor.  We can do a rough calculation on the motor itself, but as this has a gearbox attached there are more forces at work.  I'll have to estimate some numbers as we do not have these specs, but:

J (on motor shaft axis) = 1/8 x mass X Diameter ^2

For the motor, if we make an assumption of a solid cylinder, we can estimate the weight of just the motor itself at 0.5 lbs or 1.1 kg, so it would have a mass of 1.1kg and the diameter is just under the full outside diameter of the housing, so I'll estimate that at 35mm or 0.035 meter.

So: J = 1/8 x 1.1 x 0.035^2 = 0.000168 kg m^2

Also, I got the calculations from here:

 I am glad to read it.

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