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Gears, hub, nubs and Connection to FTC standard patterns.

 I  am trying to figure out how the gears with 1/2 inch  or 3/8 inch  holes are attached to a standard FTC hub, or what are the prescribed pieces that are needed.


A "connections Manual" would be a great help for us Noobs who are new to the  way your gears actually work withing a system.

As it stands, i purchased a couple of pinion gears,which I was told worked with the Pitsco FTC gears, which they do not. So now I must buy the gears that WILL work, but all seem to have a MUCH larger Center hole.

So, YES! Illustration of how your gears attach to different systems would be VERY helpful!

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Hi Mark

Thanks for stopping by today.

I hope the PicoBox Duo and NeveRest 3.7s work out for your team.


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