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More gear options for NeveRest.

FTC could really use more speed, currently the 1:20 gear ratio for the NeveRest is very slow.  It would be nice to have other options, the two that make the most sense are 1:1 (or a  helical pinion gear adapter to hex or shaft) and a 1:4 or 1:5 gear ratio.

We couldn't agree more.  Unfortunately our progress on new ratio's has been slowed down as we have been working on improving the encoders on the motors.  We currently have some higher speed ratios that we are testing out, and with kickoff fast approaching we're doing our best, but we must focus on the required products first.

What type of motor mount should I get for the NeveRest motor?

My team and I are relatively new to robotics, but we have identified a need with regard to motors.  A solution that the team has developed as part of this year's FTC challenge involves the use of two motors with low speed and high torque.  Which of the Andy Mark motors/gear sets would anyone recommend to fit this need?  Thanks! 

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